Metaphysician / Medium / Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master / Past Life Regressionist

I’m Sarah, a seventh generation Atlantan, a wife, mother of three, sister, friend, Girl Scout leader, PTA member and, along with my husband, co-owner of Elysium Cottage LLC. I grew up in Sandy Springs, lived briefly on Isle of Palms, SC, and for several years in Stamford, CT, working out of NYC during 9/11. I moved back to the metro area, making Gwinnett our home since 2002. Of all my journeys, outside of family life, the ones with the metaphysical world have been most interesting and rewarding.

At an early age I just “knew” certain things and even had experiences communicating with loved ones who crossed over, but I didn’t realize this was considered out of the ordinary. An underlying curiosity was always there to do explore and do something with it, but I wasn’t sure what or how and figured if that was meant to be, it would eventually happen.

It wasn’t until my 40s when the instances became more frequent and undeniably – almost comically - obvious. Through a series of what I can only describe as Divinely led events, I was surprised to learn there were classes and exercises that could help me further tap into those abilities and enhance them. Most importantly, the classes were taught with the highest of ethics and integrity (no “dark stuff”) and only worked and helped for the highest good. Those classes and experiences catapulted me on this wonderful journey for which I am so very grateful.

I am merely a conduit. I help bring to you messages and validations from Spirits, guides, angels, and/or loved ones for your highest good. Sometimes information is shown to me, much in the way you “see” a memory, other times I hear the information and other times it’s an instant “knowing”. Other times I will literally feel what they or you may have felt or are feeling for them to help get their information across. Whatever is presented to me and shared in session is strictly confidential, and only for you to share with others if you so wish.

I am also a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master. Those are a lot of words that may sound intimidating or confusing to those not familiar with Reiki, but essentially it is working with life energy force to provide healing and comfort. Though centuries old, Reiki has become more mainstream lately. (Even Harvard has a Reiki Research Institute and offers Reiki sessions to their staff and faculty.) Additionally, I offer a variety of card readings (Tarot, Angel, Oracle) and conduct guided Past Life Regression.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please know I am always honored to be of assistance. Warmest regards,